About Unemployment

This is easy. Ever since i was a little girl people told me, you have to study and work hard so you can make soemthing of yourself. And so I did. I got a bachelors degree and a masters, i speak 4 languages, i did voluntary service, work experience schemes, research, participated in various projects and conferences and here i am UNEMPLOYED at 23.

Everybody says it’s a bad era for the economy and it’s true. But what about the myriad of people in their 20s that wont get a job simply because the economy sucks?Obviously the free market approach governmental officials had to the economy was not quite right was it?But thats not the problem. What about our brain that are slowly dying?What about our future? What do you actually have to do in order to get a job?

Has one ever wondered what the life of the unemployed is like? For most working people out there it’s vacations. For the unemployed is death. You get one rejection after the other-and i wont start on the rejection excuses- you do nothing all day but revise your cv and apply to jobs and then there comes procrastination. I love procrastinating but unemployment is pushing me to my limits. Even facebook becomes BORING. Then you meet your other unemployed friends and talk about unemployment. The most annoying ones are those who actually want to make a lot of money and everyday that passes by they think they are one step away from making the fortune one promised them they’d make if they studied hard so they’d get a great job.Then that becomes tiring and you resolve into drinking your troubles away.


Unemployment sucks man. Stay tuned for more words of despair.


The sun is saying goodbye to Leeds. It’s getting dark around 5 now over here-depressing really. For my own information, one of the interesting things here is you can go magic mushroom picking, before the first frost of the year…which will be in approx. 2 weeks. Furthermore, when someone references Kurt Cobain and out of a group of 25, only 4 people know him, then you know there is something wrong with the world!!! I should be bitching about the differences between my country and England, but the truth is at the moment, i only fancy bitching about ignorant people. Ignore them!
And here is something, ’cause some people also love irene.

Ready for the weekend

I must admit that he ritish dont seaze to surprise me ay moment. The walk around wearing nothing when it’s fucking freezing and betwen the girls it’s an ongoing competition of who wears the shortest skirt. However, i must admit, people are pretty open minded to meet people here which is cool.I dont understand tough, why they wear jackts in the mornings and not at night when it’s considerably colder.I think we should take their genes and analyze the fuck out of them.Britain after all, is the mother country of some great people: Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Robbie Williams and his palls Take That.

A glass of wine

When you live alone often you find yourself in needs of a glass of wine while you chat on skype etc.So i went to the store today to get a bottle of wine, and guess what?”Sorry luv, we dont accept this ID, only passport or drivers license”
WHAT THE F*CK???Of course you can buy knife with that ID, and you can go through customs at Heathrow, travel all around Europe with it, but no no you cant buy a stupid bottle of wine. I’ll tell you what her problem is. When you use a different alphabet people cant just not be arsed checking under that strange alphabet to see the latin one. Bastards.

Right choices.

When you decide to move somewhere else to study, it’s a big decision. So, when you go an see the university you cant resist trying to find reasons to prove that your choice was indeed correct. So i walked around the university yesterday, only to find clues that it’ll be a fab year. Found the building of my studies which is conveniently places on the opposite side of the road to a cemetery. But not just a cemetery, huge garden as well. So there you have it, you know it’s right when there’s a cemetery nearby.
Lovely campus though. 😀


Sheffield the wonderful city of hills that produces apart from everything else, spoons, beer, relish (yummi) the arctic monkeys and statues that strangely resemble tim burtons characters.
Great day today. Also found my secret friend.
Cold and windy today, no rain thankfully.Weather is getting colder.


I met a guy on the train. Probably the most understandable i’ve met so far. Really nice boy he was. He told me i should go to a couple of places in Leeds and i went. 😀
Milos is a really nice bar with live music and Mojos a great bar with great music with handosme bartenders as a bonus.British people go mad in there.
Couldnt help it wonder how many women the age of my mum were in there. Even more surprising, they were dressed like me, or any other 20something year old. Intriguing. I’ll just call them yummi mummies.A guy commented on the place as a milf paradise.

The boy i met in the train is still my fav person from yorkshire.